About Us

Welcome to Black Market BBQ, where our passion for smoking meats and creating flavors shines at center stage here in the heart of Missouri.  We appreciate you stopping by!

Unlike most modern BBQ commercial kitchens, we embrace outdoor smoking – a tradition that connects us to simpler times and days gone by, and sun-soaked county fairgrounds that are reminiscent of Missouri's charm. Our commitment to quality is unwavering – every piece of meat entering our smokers boasts the USDA seal of approval, guaranteeing that each savory bite is a journey into the finest flavors.

So, why do we do what we do? It's simple – a genuine love for the art of smoking, deeply rooted in Missouri's culinary traditions. From well-balanced spices nodding to Texas and Memphis BBQ, to sauces that pay tribute to the richness of Carolina BBQ, and the joy of crafting mouthwatering smoked cheeses, beef sticks, and beef jerky – our mission is to bring smiles to your taste buds while honoring our own state's outdoor cooking heritage.

Thinking of adding some smoky goodness to your next special gathering? We've got your back. Whether it's a Christmas Party, a wedding, a family reunion, an office get-together, or simply a large family meal, drop us a line through our "contact us" page and we will see what we can do for you. We're often able to accommodate smaller orders due to having a few smaller smokers – a unique advantage that sets us apart from many.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our little corner of the internet. Whether you're here for the smoky meats, the mouthwatering cheeses, delightful sauces, or to just look around, we're honored you took time to check us out. I hope you will stop back by soon.


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