Custom Smoked Meats


Hey folks,

We're not just about smoked beef sticks, jerky, cheeses, and BBQ sauce – we're here to serve up some delicious smoked meats for your events. We do custom smoking… a lot of custom smoking 😊

Got a special occasion coming up? Whether it's a family reunion, a Christmas gathering, a wedding, or just a good ol' family feast, don't hesitate to shoot us a note on the Contact Us page. We're all about working with you to make your event memorable and affordable.

If you've already got a big hunk of meat that you want to give that smoky touch to, we can help there too. From those big cuts that are too much for your oven to handle to your favorite cut that you want that smokey flavor added to, we can help.  We have done that many, many times for folks.

Also, at times, we'll be taking orders for specific types of meat to be picked up on designated days. Keep an eye out for our announcements – if you want to be the first to know about these special smokes via email, just give us a shout on the Contact Us page and keep an eye on our Facebook Page!

Oh, and here's a little tip: space in our smokers can sometimes be limited. But don’t worry, if you are on our email list, you will get the scoop about a week before we post it on Facebook.  If space runs out it will never make it to Facebook.  To get on that list, just go to the Contact Us page and let us know you want to be added.

What's on the menu, you ask? Well, pretty much anything your taste bud’s desire! We work our magic on briskets that melt in your mouth, pork butts that'll give you the ultimate pulled pork satisfaction, tender ribs that'll have you lickin' your fingers clean, our smoked pork rope sausage that is bursting with flavor, and much more.

Now here's the deal – your order doesn’t have to be a huge one. We're often able to accommodate smaller orders due to having a few smaller smokers – that’s a unique advantage that sets us apart from many.  So regardless of the size of your need, just give us a yell and we will do our best to help you out, just like neighbors in Missouri do.

Thanks for considering us to be a part of your food journey. We're excited to fire up those smokers and whip up something incredibly delicious just for you.

Smoke on,