Smoked Beef Sticks

Step into the world of Black Market Beef Sticks – a flavor journey that's as satisfying as it is delicious. Crafted with a touch of hillbilly know-how and a heap of dedication, our beef sticks capture the heart of central Missouri's taste tradition. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill convenience store sticks, these are the real deal, packed with honest-to-goodness meat and a heapin' helpin' of flavor. From the first bite, you'll experience the spices and smokiness that's unlike any other. Whether you're on the go, sharing with friends, or adding a kick to your snack game, our beef sticks are the perfect companion. Get ready to let Black Market Beef Sticks take your taste buds on a journey through the heart and soul of Missouri flavor.


Original Beef Sticks

Discover the recipe that kicked off a flavor-packed journey. Our signature beef sticks are seasoned with a medley of spices that are bound to delight your taste buds. This very recipe serves as the heart and soul of all our sticks, featuring a harmonious blend of pepper, salt, garlic, onion, and a mix of other ingredients that are simply irresistible.

Crafted exclusively from USDA-inspected beef, each stick undergoes a leisurely smoke bath in the great outdoors, infusing them with that authentic, smoky goodness. Once perfectly smoked, they find their way into convenient packs of four, waiting to satisfy your cravings with every single bite. It's not just a snack – it's a journey through flavor, quality, and a touch of outdoor smoke.

Cheddar Cheese Beef Sticks

Get ready to savor the flavors with our best-selling Cheddar Cheese beef sticks. This delightful twist on our classic recipe takes the savory experience to a whole new level. We start with the same tried-and-true blend of spices that are in all of our sticks, and then we kick it up a notch by generously adding in rich cheddar cheese. Each bite is a harmonious dance between the smoky essence of slow-smoked beef and the irresistible tang of aged cheddar.

Crafted from the finest choice USDA-inspected beef, these sticks undergo the same outdoor smoke ritual that we're known for. Once they've absorbed that mouthwatering smokiness, they're bundled up in convenient packs of four, ready to satisfy your cravings for that perfect combination of meaty and cheesy goodness. Elevate your snacking game with our Cheddar Cheese beef sticks – a taste sensation that encapsulates the heart of Missouri's culinary ingenuity.

Pepper Jack Cheese Beef Sticks

Indulge in a zesty flavor escapade with our Pepper Jack Cheese beef sticks. Taking our original recipe to new heights, we've blended the smoky allure of slow-smoked beef with the kick of Pepper Jack Cheese. Brace yourself for a taste sensation that's as bold as the heart of Missouri.

Starting with our signature medley of spices, we've woven in the bold taste of Pepper Jack Cheese, creating a flavor that'll leave your taste buds smiling. Crafted from premium USDA-inspected beef, each stick basks in the great outdoors until it's infused with that iconic smokiness. Once perfectly smoked, they're bundled in convenient packs of four, ready to accompany you on every flavor-packed journey.

Embark on a culinary adventure that embraces the essence of central Missouri's charm, encapsulated in the fusion of smoky beef and the lively allure of Pepper Jack Cheese. These sticks are not just a snack – they're a spirited celebration of flavors that'll leave you coming back for more.