Placing an Order is Easy

UPDATE:  Because of changes in the order form, some items may show a number by a product you are not ordering.  Don't worry...unless the small box by that item is checked, it is not being added to your order.  Just double check the total at the bottom but unless that small box is checked, you are not ordering it.  Thanks...we hope they will fix this glitch soon, it is confusing.
Placing an order with us really is easy.  Simply fill out the form below, you will have to scroll down in it's window.  If there is a product you want, just check the small box by it, then select how many you want.  Even if there is a number by an item, unless that box is checked it is not being added to your order.  It will tell you the total at the bottom as you are filling it out, then click on "Place an Order" when you are done.  It is just that easy. 

We will let you know within 48 hours that your order was received, probably much sooner.  Then, when your order is ready, we will let you know, provide you an address to pick it up at, and payment options.  We accept cash, checks, and Venmo.  Pick up will be about 7 miles south of Dixon off of Highway 28.

Depending on what I have in stock, it may be only hours before your order is ready or possibly up to a week, however that is rare.

That really is all there is to it, you don't need to pay upfront in most cases.  If there is an exception because of the size of your order, we will let you know but that is very rare.
Thanks for looking!


P.S.  If you leave this page before hitting the "Submit Order" button at the bottom, you will have to start it over.  That button must be hit in order for your order to be placed.