Christmas BBQ Sauce Sampler


Introducing the Christmas Crate - a BBQ lover's dream come true! This special gift package features 8oz jars of our BBQ sauces: our sweet sauce which is called Sweet Smokeshine, Smokey Blaze that has a little heat in it, and Carolina Gold, our mustard-based sauce paying honor to southern BBQ. Whether you're exploring the taste of Missouri's BBQ traditions or simply looking to savor the goodness of our sauces, this trio is perfect for you. Share the joy with friends and family or enhance your own BBQ game with these authentic flavors. Order your Christmas Crate now and dive into a world of BBQ delights!

Quantities are limited, so order soon.

Each order will include each of our 3 sauces in 8oz jars, packaged in a wooden box that measures about 6 x 6 inces.